Real People. Real Passion. Real results.

Martin Steininger has a vision. To create modern, high end, minimalistic Architecture that works in harmony with every individuals need and wishes right down to the tiniest of detail's. To characterize this internationally known Designer, one would simply need to understand, you can create an Impact with beautiful simplicity. Aesthetics is function!

"Design surrounds us every second in our life, just like architecture", thinks Gerald Höllinger. The architect realizes his projects with creative serendipity and know-how in order to implement the wishes of the clients.

Jürgen Hamberger creates simple and at the same time luxurious interior design. For the creative director personality and inspiration are the keys to expressive design and tailor-made living experience.

Harrytasch Ahmadian Neco is responsible for the project handling. HIs enthusiasm towards architecture and design makes him passionate about perfection on every project. Working together with his highly qualified team. They bring to life every unique project. Because architecture is a question of passion, just like everything in life. And a question of dreams.

Everyone working together, they focus on the essentials, then the essence of architecture comes through. Reducing down to the clear and basic forms, makes way for the individual elements, precious materials and intelligent functionality. Timeless aesthetics. Made for living.

Your life. Your dreams. Your reality.