designed by
Martin Steininger

Flexible high cupboard solution with
wall elements in wood and stone.

WALL is a handle-free tall cupboard system with numerous design options that integrates discreetly into the room's architecture and overall appearance. A choice of revolving doors, pocket doors, folding doors and flush sliding doors is available, allowing for a wide range of options when designing the interior fittings. When closed,
the tall cupboard becomes part of the wall and has a minimalist, tidy look. The fronts themselves come in three different edge designs to match the floor unit systems of WALLBASE, MODUL, PURE, SLIM and ROCK. WALL is also available with a natural stone surface up to 245 cm in height.
Flexible tall cupboard solution with wooden or stone wall elements

Portfolio 2col

Symmetry and materiality inside and out.

Vertical, symmetrical joining with handles.